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Very usefull, only one thing to improve

It would be better if it could update a field (description, note, whatever...) in the CRM saying it has been added through card scanner

Simple and works

Easy to use, saves me tons of time, Take a snap of a biz card, change around any odd fields, dictate my Notes and Tasks, UPLOAD. Boom: into Zoho CRM with notes, added a task, and added to my contact manager.

Simple, efficient and useful

Mostly accurate with hopes it will only improve in time. Love the ability to update to multiple services at once (Zoho, Google, etc.). Hoping they will add ability to scan directly to iPhone (Apple iCloud) contacts.

Love it

Saves me a ton of time.

Not universal

Unfortunately, this app works only for classical and standard cards. It cannot adapt to creative ones so you spend time editing everything

Card scanner app

Good idea but has lockup issues on iPhone 6. It locks up on me when I am correcting the card information it has incorrectly interpreted when it scanned a card. I wind up having to shut the app down and rescan the card, starting back at the beginning. Frustrating is being polite. Deciding if I want to remove it and ask for money back. Could the problem be on the Zoho side? Wouldnt surprise me.

Doesnt work

First card was a jumbled mess. A couple of fields came in but most were gibberish. To make matters worse the all thought the company name have some crazy characters in it like <j which broke the so when I tried to delete them. I had to force quit the app half a dozen times to get the first card in (and then again to connect to Google which hung the app). It couldnt get a single field in the second card I tried!

Update has made it stop working

This used to work just ok and I would use it regularly. But now with the update the app freezes when you try to edit any of the info after you have scanned the card but not saved it yet.

Great Scanning took

Quick and easy


Deleted the app and added it again. Still crashes all the time.

Update Broke App

1 out of every 2 times I scan a card in, once actively editing the info, the app freezes, bricks my phone, and then crashes. Please update to a stable version. Useless as-is.

Quick & efficient

A good app to save time while getting new card, immediately saved in our CRM. A bit difficult with very original card.

The Best

I used this app only for 5 cards and I already love it. What was I doing before??? Works very well as long as the card is clear. You can tell which cards are effective itll pick up anything. I had a hard time to read a card and it picked up nothing. So it only makes sense the software cant see it as much as I cant see it. (FYI in case anyone wonders Im not old... Only 40). LOL

Sales Representative

For most standard business cards, this captures names, job titles, company name, phone number, email, etc. perfectly. Sometimes if a business card has cursive, or other your regular fonts, it may have trouble, but so does every card scanner app. This app is definitely worth $.99.I collect a lot of business cards my job, and the saves me a lot of time. I had one problem syncing it to my CRM and got immediate support without having to pay any fee. That is fantastic as far as Im concerned.

Terrible app

How do I get my money back? I tried it on several standard business cards received error twice on first card and finally got it in. The app didnt enter any address info and had other errors on the entry. The app never took the second card from the same company. Not ready for prime time, save your $$$ skip this app.

Good start

Thanks for this. It is simple but a good start. I would suggest adding a copied text feature. Also found an issue where the photos are inaccessible after I click access photos. Need to be able to unlock access. Please add new features we ask for. Thanks again.

Better than nothing

Lets be honest: this app is trying to solve a tough problem, namely doing OCR and business analysis on a bunch of pixels (the iphone photo of the card). The only other app I have used that is comparable is Evernote Hello. (I am sure there are many more, but I only know these two, because I wanted an app specific for the underlying web app, Evernote, or in this case, ZOHO CRM). The biggest plus for this app is that all details, including a JPG attachment with the actual photo of the card, go into the right place in ZOHO CRM. That by itself can save me some work. Is the accuracy where I would it to be? Probably not. But it does work reasonably well if the card is white and the text is not obscured by colored backgrounds etc. It takes several seconds to process a picture, and probably half a minute to verify all the info is correct (I do that straight in ZOHO). I would like it if the app checked if it finds the person on LinkedIn, similar to what Evernote Hello does.

Every phone number as Work?

This app needs to differentiate the type of phone number the OCR recognizes -mobile, work, fax, etc.-. Reading all phone numbers as “work”, not been able to identify the type of contact number and delaying fixing this issue, will compromise your app success. It requires also proper sync with all the fields in the Zoho CRM platform.

Needs work

App makes loading contacts a lot easier by scanning and uploading from your phone. However, the scan does not accommodate a lot of business card formats. This takes away the convince. Spent a lot of time fixing scan errors. Tools 20 mins to scan 3 cards and none of which scanned accurately. Took a lot of massaging of the data and plenty retakes.

Improvements Needed

2 stars ONLY because it merges with Zoho contact easily. Card reader option is the worse of the 4 apps I tried. 9 out of 10 cards, it doesnt read a single line correctly and youll have to delete it all and manually enter the information. Scanning/reading needs major improvements. If it didnt sync to Zoho, Id kept using other apps.

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